caterpillar fungus (c) 2017 (c) 2017

caterpillar fungus is a type of rare and expensive fungi that can only be found at the altitude between 3000 to 5000 meters in some areas of China, Nepal, and India and mainly in the TAR and Qinghai Province. Historically, Chinese medicine sees it as some sorts of a panacea, and adding on its rarity and the growing market, the price of caterpillar fungus is launching like rockets in recent years.

caterpillar fungus is called in Chinese “winter worm and summer grass,” and the name partially tells its nature- a type of fungus germinates in a living larva, kills and mummifies it, and then the stalk-like fruiting body emerges from the corpse.

Caterpillar fungus’s magical effect is still up to debate, but it does make a great soup ingredient, and it does contain many scientifically proved nutritious effects, and whether it is worth its ridiculous price, I’ll leave it to you.