Cuisine (c) 2017 (c) 2017

Tibetan people’s food consists majorly of zanba, buttered tea, yak and sheep meat, barley wine, tea, and different kinds of dairy products. Being Tibetans’ staple food, Zanba is made of cooked Himalayan barley powder or peas powder, and is usually mixed with sugar or milk tea.

    Buttered tea also takes a big part in Tibetan dietetic culture, and a pound of Tibetan butter carries about 4000 calories, which comes in handy if you live at a place that is 13000 feet high. Tibetan people drink buttered tea all the time, and if you are invited to a Tibetan’s hose, expect kettles and kettles of buttered tea, as the Tibetan saying goes”Don’t serve only one cup of tea even to your enemies.”
    Except for vegan lamas, normal Tibetan families consume a lot of meat, and the majority are yak beef and sheep lamb. Yak jerky has a long history and is still very popular in Tibetan food, and right now more food companies are producing packed jerky, adding more flavors to the traditional food.