Incense (c) 2017

Most Tibetans don’t eat fish, thus most rivers in Tibet are full of fish, except for one, as fishes were blocked from entering the river a hundreds of years ago to prevent the waterwheels from killing the fishes. Continue reading “Incense”


What is Thangka?

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Thangka, or Thang-ga, means a form of silk-mounted scroll painting of Tibet. Thangka is an unique art form of the Tibetan culture that takes subjects mainly in religion, and yet also in politics, history, and daily life of the Tibetan culture.

Thangka uses bright tones to portrait the Six Realms and Buddha, Devas, Asuras and other beings within; in term of pigments, Thangka uses precious minerals such as gold, Continue reading “What is Thangka?”