Shambhala Part II

During the second World War, the Nazi Party leader Heinrich Himmler organized an expedition team into Tibet, which was, which was known as the 1938-39 German expedition in Tibet led by led by German zoologist and SS officer Ernst Schäfer. The Germans collected anything they could: thousands of Continue reading “Shambhala Part II”


Shambhala Part I (c) 2017 The Far Cry version of Shangri-La (c) 2017
The Far Cry version of Shangri-La

What comes into your mind when you think about a paradise? Many cultures around our world have has their own versions of paradise or an utopia, and one among the famous ones is the Himalayan Shambhala , which was introduced to the western world by James Hilton by the name of Shangri-La in his 1933 novel Lost Horizon. Continue reading “Shambhala Part I”

Larung Gar Buddhist Academy (c)2017

Larung Gar Buddhist Academe was founded by Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok in 1980 at the legendary
site where a group of stylite practiced Buddhism. The academy is located at a mountainous area near Seda county, Ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture, Sichuan Province, China, at the altitude of about 4000 meters. at its origin, there were about 30 practitioners in the academy, and  yet despite its remote location, the academy Continue reading “Larung Gar Buddhist Academy”