The Shahtoosh trade and the Tibetan antelope (c) 2017

Extreme environments often breed precious products, and many Tibetan-plateau-originated plants and animals turn into precious and luxury goods around the world. Before 80’s and 90’s, a type of shawl called Shahtoosh was a fashion among European and American elites, and a Shahtoosh shawl Continue reading “The Shahtoosh trade and the Tibetan antelope”


Tibetan mastiff (c) 2017

How much would you pay to own a dog? Well, I don’t know much about dogs and my jaw was on the ground for ten seconds when I heard that my roommate got her Corgi for 1200 dollars. I loved my roommate’s corgi and I think Taro (his name) was worth the money, but what about 100 thousand dollars for a dog? How about 1 million? These price tags are ridiculously true in China for one certain dog breed- Tibetan mastiff. Continue reading “Tibetan mastiff”