Besides the unmatched natural resource, Tibet is famous for her rich and unique culture, and Tibetan art contributes a big part in the overall Tibetan legacy. Tibetan people have developed many forms of singing, dancing, and drama, and the culture is also much achieved in sculpture, paining and architecture.

Lhasa is the capital city of the Tibetan Autonomous Region and the communication center of the Tibetan world, and you can find many shreds of Tibetan culture packing together in this town- the majestic potala, wall paintings on monastery walls, vivid sculptures of devas and Buddhas.

Tibetans are very devout in religion and art, as they would donate most of their properties to support the building of a monastery, and many families send their oldest son to become a lama to learn Thangka and sculpting. They also use precious metal and other materials for painting and Buddhist scripts.