Gang Rinpoche (c) 2017

Gang Rinpoche means treasure in the snow in Tibetan, and the mountain is also known as Kailash or Kailas. Gang Rinpoche is 6,638 meters or 21,778 feet high and is the second tallest and the main peak of the Gangdise range in the Ngari area.

celestial mountains in southwestern Tibet are like lofty skyscrapers in Dubai, and even though Gang Rinpoche is taller than most peaks in the world, it can barely be called tall among many other Himalayan mountains. Yet Gang Rinpoche is one of or the most worshiped mountains in the world as it is regarded as Sukhavati or the western paradise which produced eighty million sages to bring Buddhism to the realm of humans in Tibetan Buddhism; the birth place of the Zhangzhung civilization and its religion Bon; the birth place of Jainism, and the divine mountain in Hinduism, as it is regarded as the residence of Shiva, while it’s also the origin of both Indus and Ganges River. Wow, it is really holy.

The trip around Gang Rinpoche is also one of the most participated pilgrimage in the world, and I claim that without a statistical support, because pilgrims from all over Tibet, other places of China, India, Nepal, Bhutan and all around the world keeps the holy mountain’s foot busy all year around.


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