Namtso (c) 2017

Namtso is the second largest lake in Tibet and one of the three holy lakes in Tibetan Buddhism and the divine lake in Tibetan native religion, Bon. Namtso means the celestial lake in Tibetan, and rightfully so as it sits at the altitude of over 4700 meters or 15,500 feet. Namtso is home to many plateau animals that are regionally unique, and it also covers a huge amount of minerals, but what makes it so special is its cultural significance.

Half a day driving from Lhasa, the sky lake is a major ritual site for Tibetan residents nearby and from afar. Brought by Princess Wengchen, the Tibetan calendar adapted the Chinese Zodiac and developed their own version of Tibetan Zodiac corresponding the five elements, and when it comes to the year of water goat, Namtso is at its holiest. The Tibetan Buddhist saying is that if one kora (pilgrimage of walking or prostrating around a subject while chanting and praying) around Namtso brings one hundred thousand times more blessing than doing it on a regular year.

Namtso has countless legends and sayings that would take much more than a post, and you can check out more about the Tibetan holy lake at the website under the link widget.


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