Tibetan mastiff

https://tinyurl.com/hgsobnw (c) 2017

How much would you pay to own a dog? Well, I don’t know much about dogs and my jaw was on the ground for ten seconds when I heard that my roommate got her Corgi for 1200 dollars. I loved my roommate’s corgi and I think Taro (his name) was worth the money, but what about 100 thousand dollars for a dog? How about 1 million? These price tags are ridiculously true in China for one certain dog breed- Tibetan mastiff.

In 2011, a red Tibetan mastiff called Big Splash was sold at an auction in China for 10,000,000 Chinese yuan or $1,513,417, and the sale made the Guinness record which it currently still holds. Tibetan mastiff have long been mythed in China to be the most vicious dog breed in the world, but if you put away the myths, I still won’t get in their ways. Tibetan mastiffs are so aggressive that they have been banned by many governments in Asia, and they are extremely loyal, as you can hardly push a Tibetan mastiff to recognize a second owner.

In recent years, as the Chinese market economy grows rapidly, the materialism has followed at a more rapid pace, and many rich people would spend big money to own a Tibetan mastiff as a sign of class, like luxury watches and cars, and gradually the Tibetan mastiff market is shifting to morbid state. Moreover, because of their original living environment, Tibetan mastiffs can have severe damage to their bodies in lower-attitude areas with high atmospheric pressure, and as the mastiffs’ hearing is extraordinarily strong, they can be mentally sick in an urban setting full of noises.


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