Shambhala Part II

During the second World War, the Nazi Party leader Heinrich Himmler organized an expedition team into Tibet, which was, which was known as the 1938-39 German expedition in Tibet led by led by German zoologist and SS officer Ernst Schäfer. The Germans collected anything they could: thousands of artifacts, a huge number of plants and animals, including live specimens. They sent back specimens of three breeds of Tibetan dogs, rare feline species, wolves, badgers, foxes, animal and bird skins.

Being a fanatic mysticism fan, Heinrich Himmler spent a lot of energy to search for mystical powers in many places in the world, and it was later found out that during the several trips he arranged to Tibet, he was trying to find the entrance to Shambhala so the Nazi Germany can have supernatural artifacts to help them in the war. Also, the Nazis also believed that the pure Aryans race.

As far as we know, the hidden entrance to Shambhala is still hidden, and legends are still circling the mythical story.


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